Acquisition: As we recognize what ultimately drives your acquisition criteria in part drives you, we want to fully be aware of your yield expectations and orient ourselves accordingly. With clear objectives in mind, we execute precisely. We understand the benefits of moving with professional agility. We aggressively identify assets that optimize your portfolio. 

Because of our extensive relationships and current market intelligence, we can quickly align with industry professionals to help you secure competitive pricing and offer assurance of closure. DataVest markets through Sperry Van Ness, giving it resource-rich contacts at both the national and international level.

Every Monday our firm participates in a national sales call where on average range of over $50-200 million dollars worth of new inventory are showcased for sale. Through monitored accountability and quantifiable benchmarking analysis we determine what particular asset performance is needed to meet your standards.

We have all the acquisition tools you need to pull the trigger! Period.


Disposition: At Sperry Van Ness we believe that “Maximum Competition equals Maximum Value.” This predominant and defining characteristic sets all sales professional apart in Sperry Van Ness.

We actively split our commission in the underlying belief a listing with a greater internal return will naturally garner more attention from brokers and ultimately buyers. Competition drives the market place, and by collaborating with the entire brokerage community we believe your property will be given the exposure it deserves.

Sperry Van Ness real estate professionals are actively operating both nationally and internationally in primary, secondary and tertiary markets. Our local on-the-ground and market-specific professinals place properties of choice in direct relationship with potential buyers, uncovering hidden opportunities for clients.

Supported by our research, our professionals provide clients with local detailed market intelligence, allowing us to make informed, knowledge-based recommendations. Because of our trusted expertise and advisory role with our clients, we have the ability to introduce assets rapidly with incomparable effectiveness.